Turn your supporters into couch callers

Mobilize your supporters with the world’s best nonprofit and campaign call tool.


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Leading nonprofits rely on Amicus

How it works

With Amicus Call Tool, you can create campaigns, upload lists, write interactive call scripts, gather data and track progress of your staff and volunteers in real-time. Here's how simple it is:

Set up your campaign & your landing page.

Invite and approve callers.

Track calling progress and goals!

Get Better Results

Amicus boosts the efficacy of your fundraising and outreach efforts by allowing your volunteers to make more successful calls, easier.


Track Your Progress

Amicus’ admin panel allows you to quantify the progress your organisation is making, and break it down to the level of each individual.

Connect all Couches, Win all Hearts

Goodbye call centers. Hello Couch Centers! Amicus is designed for fully distributed volunteering. We like to call it couchtivism™


Boost volunteer productivity

Increase the productivity of your volunteers with Amicus' built-in game dynamics. Supporters earn points, levels, and badges for an extra layer of motivation.


Control everything

You keep full control of your data and you’re free to move it where and when you want. We take this really seriously -- that’s why Amicus is a founding member of opensupporter.org.


Looks like you built it

Amicus Call Tool app is a visual extension of your website. It looks like your organization built it and your volunteers will be proud to use it.


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