Direct mail that ends up on the fridge

Peer-to-peer postcards that win more donors, more members, more votes.


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Leading nonprofits rely on Amicus

  • Nicole Aro
    Director, Digital Strategies

    "Amicus' friend-to-friend connections enhance our traditional outreach program and make it easier to mobilize our supporters online."

  • Lindsey Twombly
    Social Media and Online Mobilization

    "We all know the most powerful ask is a friend asking a friend to support a cause they believe in. Amicus makes this possible at scale."

  • Kristofer Garcia
    Senior Campaign Specialist

    "Amicus' game elements helped us boost volunteer productivity by making outreach fun and easy."

How it works

With our online social postcards tool, your volunteers can send real, physical postcards through US mail in just a few clicks.
Here's how simple it is:


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Choose friends


Send postcards

Turn online action into real-world results

Give online supporters an easy way to contribute that generates more donors, more members, more votes.


Boost direct mail with social data

Make your outreach more personal, more effective, and more fun.

Amicus brings the power of social data to direct mail for the first time.


See response rates soar

Personal appeals cut through the noise and get results.


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